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  • Caring for your new purse
    My World Too Handmade creates one of a kind items made of fabric or a combination of fabric and faux leather. Do NOT machine wash and dry any items purchased here. If cleaning is needed, use a soft brush to loosen debris and then a damp clean cloth to remove dirt and smudges. Never iron on or near faux leather areas. You may iron fabric sections as needed. Some customers use a spray such as Scotchgard to protect their fabric bags. I do not treat the bags with protective spray before shipping as I am cautious of any allergies my customers may have.
  • Shipping information
    Shipping to US addresses only. No international shipping available. Shipping (even Priority) is taking much longer now than in pre-pandemic days. Please be patient! Once the package is given to USPS, I cannot control the amount of time it takes to reach you. All items are shipped the next business day via USPS with Delivery Confirmation. If your package will contain a large travel-size bag or multiple items weighing over 4 pounds, it may have to ship via USPS Ground. Ground delivery can take 10 days or more.
  • Special Order Items
    At this time I do not offer customized special order items.
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